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Initial Bat Surveys

Initial bat surveys consist of a daylight inspection of the tree or building by a licensed bat surveyor, to assess the potential of the building or tree to support bats. Features searched for during an initial bat survey include the following:

  • Potential access opportunities for bats into the building;
  • Suitable roosting locations such as, cracks, crevices, hollows, gaps under tiles, ivy growth and other features;
  • Lack of cobwebs or dirt around potential roosting locations;
  • Signs and evidence of bat activity such as, bats themselves, droppings, staining, prey remains, scratch marks etc.
  • Potential for the surrounding habitat to support bats e.g. nearby woodland, water features, hedgerows, etc;

Equipment regularly used during an initial bat survey visit includes a ladder, digital camera, binoculars, high powered torch and a video endoscope.


The report following an initial bat survey, follows standard scientific report writing and includes an executive summary, methodology, results, impact assessment, recommendations, conclusion and appendices.


Further bat surveys would only be recommended if it is discovered that there is a significant risk of impact to bats.


Further Bat Surveys

If it is discovered that your development poses a significant risk of harm to bats, bat roosts or local bat conservation then further bat surveys may be required.


Further bat surveys would include dusk emergence surveys to watch for bats leaving the building or tree in the evening and dawn re-entry bat surveys to watch for bats re-entering the building or tree.


We always use professional bat survey equipment including high quality bat detectors, licensed and experienced bat surveyors and professional sound analysis software for bat identification following dusk or dawn bat surveys.


If roosting bats are discovered then a development site licence may be required from Natural England. This process involves designing appropriate and proportionate mitigation to prevent harm to bats and to provide adequate roosting habitat for the bats within the proposed development. In the majority of cases Natural England licences can only be applied for following planning permission.


For further information on other ecology surveys we provide please see our main website at www.skilledecology.co.uk

Professional bat surveys, bat survey reports and bat mitigation services throughout the UK by Skilled Ecology Consultancy. Based on the border of Suffolk and Essex; we offer a complete bat survey and bat mitigation services including full reports tailored for developers and designed to satisfy the requirements of Local Planning Authorities based on up-to-date bat survey guidelines.